YouthZone Ascent – September 9– October 7, 2017

The second annual YouthZone Ascent featured five teams of teens who not only raised funds for YouthZone, but also participated in community service projects throughout the Roaring Fork and Grand River Valleys.

The five teams competed to see who could raise the most money. After two weeks of fundraising efforts, the YouthZone Ascent culminated with an “Ascent” of Red Mountain on October 7.

About the Teams

Team Aspen

The Cool Guys are working with the Independence Pass Foundation and Forest Service to remove more than 150 pounds of rebar from the top of Independence Pass.

Team Carbondale

The Demons assisted in the execution of a full-day music festival on Saturday, September 9 to benefit YouthZone.  They are also providing haircuts for homeless in the area.

Team Glenwood Springs

Scouts for Heroes is assisting Building Homes for Heroes reveal a home they’ve built in Glenwood Springs to USMC Veteran Sgt. Kirstie Ennis.  Sgt. Ennis was injured in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan and will be gifted a new house on Sept. 16.  The Scouts are helping prepare for the welcome ceremony by assembling 100 American Flags.

Team New Castle

Teen Titans are working on designing new office space at the old library building for YouthZone. They’re putting together design boards and Pinterest pages with ideas and are creating a short video for donors and the community to help explain why it’s important that YouthZone continue to be a safe place for kids and their families.  In addition, they’re drafting letters to HGTV and Habitat for Humanity to ask for help with the office project.

Team Rifle

Art for Youth created a beautiful mural this summer in front of the Kum ‘n Go in Rifle.  “Back in My Day” explores generation gaps and the animosity that can exist between generations.