Thank You flowersAn “exit interview” is a time to assess progress made while at Youthzone, discuss met and unmet needs, and celebrate the youth successfully completing all the components of the contract(s) that he or she helped create to satisfy court requirements.

How does that relate to THANK YOU?  A few weeks ago, a youth came to the exit interview truly ready for celebrating – with cake and flowers (see pic!) for her YouthZone youth advocate!   The youth, her siblings, her mom and her youth advocate all celebrated her success together.


YouthZone also wants to say THANK YOU:

  • To each youth and parent who put in the effort and trust our staff to be a part of their lives;
  • To adults and teens who mentor children and tweens in the Pals Mentoring Program, positively impacting their Jr. Pals in so many ways;
  • To volunteers who participate as community members and facilitators in the Restorative Justice Program circles, in which youth commit to repairing the harm caused; and
  • To the individuals and businesses and candidates who donate money, time and products throughout the year and for the Kiss ‘n’ Squeal fundraiser, trusting YouthZone staff and board members to be good stewards of the resources.