The true measure of YouthZone's success is knowing that parents and youth received the help they needed, volunteers feel fulfilled and helpful, and victims of crimes have had their voices heard.  Here are just a few comments from some of our success stories:

YouthZone helped my daughter realize what her actions can do.  They really understand and helped in fixing the problems we had with the court.  It made me feel good that young people have a chance to fix what trouble they got into and get the help they need.

-- A parent of youth who received assistance through the court system

Through YouthZone, my son realized there were other ways to handle bullying than with violence.  The environment was kid-friendly, allowing my son to express himself.  It wasn’t too rigid where he felt he couldn’t get through the program.  For me, personally, I was also thankful that I didn’t have to travel out of town to make appointments – this tremendous resource is right here in our community.

-- A parent of youth who received assistance through the court system

While at YouthZone, I could speak my mind in a comfortable area.  YouthZone was able to help me more than my parents could.  The listened to what I had to say instead of only listening to what my parents wanted.  Being able to talk about my pot use allowed me see actually how much I was using.

-- A youth who received assistance through the court system

YouthZone talked to me and pushed me to the finish line.  It wasn’t ok what I did, and I learned I shouldn’t repeat it again.  YouthZone was there to help when I needed help.  I learned I need to work for my things like everyone else or ask for money instead of stealing.

-- A youth who received assistance through the court system.

The Staff at YouthZone was very helpful, and the mentor they connected her with was a great match. She always called my daughter and I know they were more than just Pals, but are now friends. My daughter is more mature, responsible, and is happy to have a friend like her Pal.  I love the Pals program.  All of my kids come to be part of this program and they have a great time and experiences.

--Parent of a child in the Pals Mentoring Program

Having a Pal got me through hard times. My favorite activity was making food and camping, I liked learning how to make new foods!

--Youth involved in the Pals Mentoring Program

Being part of the Pals program helped me grow as a person and I enjoyed it very much.  It stretched my comfort zone by spending time with someone I wasn’t a mother to.  I think we met our goals of giving her a perspective of a family outside of her immediate family.”

--Pals volunteer

I think that the youth involved in the crime learned that as a community, we care and we will hold people accountable for their actions.  I think, through the Restorative Justice Circle, he saw that many were affected, not just myself as the victim.  I liked how the entire process was conducted.

--Victim of a crime and participant in Restorative Justice Circle