How to Referring Clients to YouthZone:


If you or someone you know could benefit from YouthZone’s services, call us today at 970.945.9300 or CLICK HERE to fill out a referral form.

For more than 40 years, YouthZone has helped kids and families throughout the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys.  From working with kids involved with the juvenile justice system to supporting a child dealing with a traumatic event, to a young person struggling with substance use -- We Care … We Understand … and We are Here to Help.

We are often asked, “What exactly does YouthZone do?  What kind of help do you provide?”  The depth of our help is widespread, and we encourage anyone in the community who knows of a struggling youth or family to refer them to YouthZone.


Are you school faculty and concerned about a student?

The professionals who work with kids on a daily basis are often the ones who first notice when something isn’t quite right.  By referring kids from schools to YouthZone, we can often help them before the issues they’re facing escalates.  Suspected substance use, depression, or being bullied or becoming a bully are common occurrence that school officials may refer a child and their family to YouthZone.

Are you a law enforcement officer encountering the same adolescent?

Our local police departments do an amazing job with kids.  Sometimes they may let a young person off with a warning when they’ve encountered them doing something they shouldn’t be doing. They don’t necessarily want to see a “good kid” enter the court system.  At YouthZone, we want to help kids before they enter the court system, too. Police officers who feel they’ve seen a young person who may be acting out because of deeper issues are encouraged to make direct referrals to YouthZone.

Are you a parent who has noticed changes in your child’s friend?

We live in a tight knit, amazing community – let’s face it, it does take a village to raise a child. Often your child’s closest friends almost become part of your family because they spend so much time at your home and in your company.  If you’re noticing a change in personality, mood swings, or inappropriate behavior happening with a young person you know, it’s okay to speak up.  There is a good chance the child’s own family is recognizing similar things but doesn’t know what to do.

Are you a young person who may need some help?

Maybe you’ve experienced a traumatic event, such as the death of someone close to you.  Maybe you're finding that you’re using drugs or alcohol more often to deal with depression.  Many young people come to YouthZone via a self-referral, so you’re not alone if you recognize you may need to talk to someone and share your struggles with.