Programs Designed to Help Youth and Familes


YouthZone offers our clients compassion, understanding, education, and results.  Our recidivism rate is typically 10%, a strong contrast to the national average of 55%.  Our staff, who have a great understanding of trauma and it's impact on youth and their behavior, are highly-trained professionals with a talent for working with young people and their families.

We understand that every person is different, with unique needs, talents, and motivations.  By providing individualized, comprehensive programming, we can help you meet your goals.

Our programs include: youth assessment, parental guidance and support, individual and family counseling, restorative justice, court programs and monitoring, educational workshops, and so much more.

Please click Program-Costs-Sheet for a list of programs and fees.


For Parents ... YouthZone can help when:

  • You have a question or concern about a young person
  • You and your child are involved in the legal system
  • You want to help strengthen your family
  • You’d like to get involved with helping young people
  • You’re looking for tips on getting your child to participate more with your family
  • You suspect a young person is using drugs or alcohol


For Youth ... YouthZone can help when:

  • You are having problems
  • You want to help a friend who is having problems
  • You would like to get involved in the community
  • You know someone who talks about hurting themselves or other people
  • You are concerned about your or a friend’s drug or alcohol use
  • You sometimes feel depressed or are in an extended “slump”
  • You feel like you just can’t connect with your family