Programs That Support Teens and Families

YouthZone programs offer clients safety, compassion, and education to help overcome their personal struggles. By attending programming, 90% of our clients go on to maintain their healthy behaviors after graduating from YouthZone. This is all made possible by the continued work of our highly skilled staff, as well as the efforts from the clients we serve.

We understand that everyone has unique needs, talents, and motivations.  That's why the individualized, comprehensive, programming we provide can help your child meet their needs for self esteem and security.

Our programs include: youth assessment, parental guidance and support, individual and family counseling, restorative justice, court programs and monitoring, educational workshops, and so much more.

For Parents:

  • You want to help strengthen your family
  • You've noticed a negative change in your child
  • You're concerned about your child's drug and/or alcohol use
  • You and your child are involved in the legal system

For Teens:

  • When you can’t connect with your family
  • When you're constantly lost in your emotions
  • That is concerned about his/her drug or alcohol use
  • Who would like to get involved in the community