Build with Us.

Our young people are our future citizens and neighbors, and your contribution will support their growth.

In order to establish communities where our youth thrive, YouthZone is undertaking a $1.7 million capital campaign to move our offices and renovate the new space with the goal of expanding and refining our necessary programing. As the only organization in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys that works to keep youth out of the juvenile justice system and intervenes with those in the juvenile justice system, we are ideally suited to carry out the life-changing work of shepherding our youth to success. Please contact Lori Mueller to lean more about the building renovation and how you can be involved.

In this building, we’ll restore hope.

Our capital campaign will provide YouthZone with a much-needed new office space.

Your investment in YouthZone’s space will:

  • Ensure that 1,000+ youth and their families have access to excellent resources to deal with a variety of conflicts;
  • Provide YouthZone with a permanent, flexible, and community-oriented location centrally located in the Roaring Fork Valley;
  • Transform how our communities respond to and support our youth so that they can thrive.

Former home of the Glenwood Springs Public Library; YouthZone purchased the building in January 2018 for $900,000.

YouthZone will be renovating only 4,000 of the 9,000 squre-foot space initially, keeping our capital campaign costs low. This will be more than sufficient for our current programming needs while also allowing us to invest in multi-purpose meeting spaces to meet the changing needs of our communities’ youth. With new space, we will be able to incorporate evidence-based and integrated programming (yoga/meditation, art classes, after-school gathering spaces, etc.) at the requests of our community partners that, because of previous inadequate facilities, we have historically been unable to explore.

We will also be able to allocate one room to be used exclusively for Restorative Justice Circles, which YouthZone hosts 2 to 3 times weekly. The remaining square footage will have a dual purpose: to bring other community partners into the space and thus root and integrate youth transformation into the larger community context, and to diversify our revenue streams by having space available for other partners and collaborators to rent. This keeps our capital campaign costs low and makes our move sustainable.

Naming Opportunities

Acknowledge an individual, family, or group, while making a meaningful contribution to your community and improving the quality of YouthZone services, programs, and facilities. Several rooms have been confirmed , please request a tour to see which space best suits your legacy.

Together we can build a new tomorrow for the youth in our valley.

A sound business plan. Beyond our investment, YouthZone’s operations promote donor confidence in making a sound financial investment. Since our acquisition, we initiated and completed a site plan process that maximizes resources while exercising patience. This capital campaign — met with conservative budgeting and programmatic vision—enables us to construct the new and expanded facility and establish an endowment to help cover operating expenses.

Supporting youth today, for
our community tomorrow.

Keep building.

Purchasing this new space is the next step for 40+ more years of positive, impactful work done by YouthZone. Not only does this move strengthen our ability to ensure consistency by planting permanent roots in Glenwood Springs, it allows us to expand the boundaries for what is possible to help our communities’ youth thrive.

Build on our success.
We ask you to give and build a future for kids. The future home of YouthZone is a place where we can gather as a community — and experience the future flourish.

Legacy Gifts
Truly gifts of a lifetime, legacy donations—such as bequests and estate gifts—honor your family’s philanthropy in perpetuity.

Major Gifts
A one-time major gift or pledge will lay the foundation for this facility and future of our children.

Naming Opportunities
Whether a legacy gift or major gift made during your lifetime, naming opportunities are available. They offer a meaningful way to memorialize or honor your commitment to YouthZone, as well as to recognize your loved ones.

Annual Fund
Giving Every gift is valuable, and your annual pledge will allow us to begin construction now and continue our programming for years to come.

Sharing Our Message
When you introduce your friends to the YouthZone Building Campaign, you open the doors of opportunity. This gift is as important as any financial donation you make.

Thank you for supporting A Capital Campaign to Create a Building Where We Build Up the Youth of Today.