Lori Mueller

Executive Director

Lori Mueller is the Executive Director for YouthZone and has been with the organization since 2006. She brings nearly 30 years of experience as a parent educator and family advocate. Lori earned her degree in Social Work, Criminal Justice Certified, from Colorado State University. Lori is also a certified parenting instructor.

I love working with parents and families at YouthZone because I can see first the struggle and then the excitement of creating a stronger, healthier family.


Phone: 970-930-6545

Email: lmueller@youthzone.com

Keith Berglund

Assistant Director, Human Resources

Keith Berglund joined the YouthZone team as the Assistant Director in 2019. He earned a degree in Marine Biology from Occidental College. His first job as a middle school science teacher and basketball coach launched him on a career path that provided more than 25 years of experience as a teacher, youth mentor, public servant, nonprofit manger and Love and Logic Facilitator.

I have long admired the important work and the success of YouthZone, and I am very excited be a member of this amazing team! As a result of my own bumpy journey through adolescence, I possess a strong and heartfelt connection to the work of empowering young people to become the best possible version of themselves.


Phone: 970-930-6544

Email: kberglund@youthzone.com

Carol Wolff

Director of Development

Carol Wolff is Director of Development. Carol brings to YouthZone years of experience as Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre in Grand Lake, Colorado, for 11 years, and then of the Colorado Honor Band Association in Denver, Colorado, since 2015. Carol’s degree is in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Colorado.

To be part of a team that is such an important part of this community is an honor. I look forward to being an ambassador of Youth Zone’s mission.


Phone: 970-930-6543

Email: cwolff@youthzone.com

Tina Olson

Clinical Supervisor/Senior Therapist

Tina Olson has worked at YouthZone as the Clinical Supervisor and Senior Therapist since 2017. She is a licensed professional counselor specializing in children and families.

YouthZone is where I’ve chosen to work with youth and families because it’s remarkable to be a part of assisting them in unlocking their own potential and creating change for themselves.


Phone: 970-930-6541

Email: tolson@youthzone.com

Jennifer Hawks

Senior Case Manager

Jennifer Hawks serves as a youth advocate at YouthZone. Jennifer studied Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma and has over 12 years experience in the field.  She began working with YouthZone in 2008.

What I love most about working for YouthZone is the opportunity to help kids and families who are struggling and don’t know where to turn. I love being able to give them hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing that I have a part in helping kids regain confidence, self esteem, reconnecting with their parents and having a positive outlook is truly rewarding


Phone: 970-930-6531

Email: jhawks@youthzone.com

Airen Goodman

CYDC/Senate Bill 94 Coordinator

Airen is the CYDC/Senate Bill 94 Coordinator for the 9th District. Airen holds a Masters Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Airen’s background and skills include mental health counseling, crisis intervention, restorative justice, and mediation. Airen moved to Colorado from Utah and started working with YouthZone in August, 2018. She enjoys spending time with her family and playing in the outdoors.

I feel privileged to be a part of YouthZone’s amazing work.


Phone: 970-930-6550

Email: agoodman@youthzone.com

Courtney Dunn

Trauma and Youth Specialist

Courtney Dunn works as YouthZone’s Trauma and Youth Specialist. She is a therapist and specializes in trauma and youth. She has a Bachelors of Science in Human Services from the University of Northern Colorado and a Masters of Social Work from Denver University. Courtney is also responsible for taking overflow youth advocacy clients.

YouthZone has always held a special place in my heart because the YouthZone team is incredible at building relationships and supporting youth in our community, while also having a lot of fun together. I have chosen to make a career out of helping young people because youth are our community’s future. There is nothing more important for me to invest my time in. 


Phone: (970) 930-6533

Email: cdunn@youthzone.com

Katie Westcott


Katie Westcott is YouthZone’s Youth Advocate II. Katie previously worked as a family meeting facilitator at YouthZone and has returned in her new capacity to help with case management in Rifle. She began working with Garfield County families in 2014 doing emergence assistance at the River Center in New Castle. Katie has an undergraduate degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Colorado State University and completed her master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in health in 2018 from Grand Canyon University.

I’m excited to stay at YouthZone in a different capacity. I enjoy the people I work with, I love what we do with the kids, and I’m encouraged by the heart-work that reaches families in Garfield County.


Phone: 970-930-6549

Email: kwestcott@youthzone.com

Stefanie Maurice

Grants & Data Manager

Stefanie Maurice is YouthZone’s Grants & Data Manager. Previously, Stefanie has spent her professional career mostly working in the health care administration industry. She has taken on many roles including a pharmacy technician, a medical staff specialist, a business and finance writer, and a credentialing and provider enrollment manager. Stephanie recently obtained her MBA and also has a degree in Healthcare Administration and Management from Colorado State.

I love knowing with absolute certainty how the work I do impacts the community.


Phone: 970-930-6549

Email: kwestcott@youthzone.com

Clairice Hemme

Communications Coordinator

Claire Hemme works as YouthZone’s Communications Coordinator. She specializes in photography and writing. Claire manages YouthZone’s media while maintaining and developing new relationships.

As someone who comes from a troubled past, I believe positive role models are imperative to a child’s development. I find that being a part of something which gives a child the tools to become their best self is incredibly rewarding. I love that I am now working for YouthZone which works to provide opportunities to those who need them most.


Phone: 970-945-9300

Email: chemme@youthzone.com

Rami El Gharib

Restorative Justice Coordinator

Rami El Gharib is the Restorative Justice Coordinator at YouthZone. Rami focuses on the education and training of volunteers and community members on the restorative justice process as well as the facilitation of conflict resolution and community building through his work. Rami graduated from the University of New Haven with a master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 

The integrity and welcoming atmosphere of this organization empowers me to work with YouthZone. The work done here gives me hope for the future, not only of our community, but for communities everywhere.


Phone: 970-930-6539

Email: relgharib@youthzone.com

Linda Green

Administrative Assistant

Linda Green is one of YouthZone’s administrative assistants.  She attended 2 years at Colorado Christian University, then known as Rockmont College, and also attended Front Range Community College and Colorado Mountain College.  Linda worked 10 years at West High School in Denver, Colorado.  Linda worked at YouthZone from 2000 to 2012, then rejoined the staff in 2014.

I couldn’t think of any place I would rather work then at YouthZone.  The total commitment that each staff member has working with the kids is amazing.  I feel bless to be working with such dedicated people and love the interaction with the kids.


Phone: 970-625-3141

Email: lgreen@youthzone.com

Mary Bess Bolling


Mary Bess Bolling has joined YouthZone as the Administrative Manager, where she coordinates and schedules for the organization and provides operational support. Mary Bess brings the skills of a journalist and digital marketing expert to the job with eight years of experience as a teacher, writer, and marketing specialist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University.

In my own life, the bumps in the road almost always provide me an opportunity to grow and learn – whether I’m aware of it or not! I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that sheds light on that opportunity for youth and families in our community, empowering and connecting them with resources and support. It’s such a gift to be a part of an organization that truly works to live its core values: integrity, no judgments, stewardship.


Phone: 970-945-9300

Email: gwreception@youthzone.com