Program Evaluations


At YouthZone, our program evaluations play a critical role in molding the future of countless young lives. Make a difference and increase social impact by exploring with us the depths of our evaluation techniques. This is a hub of valuable insight into the measurement and success of our youth-centered programs. We understand the importance of data and analytics in quantifying the transformation we aspire to achieve in every youth's life; therefore, our program evaluations are meticulously designed to document the developmental progress and resilience among youth, the efficacy of our programs, and the consistency of our strategies.

YouthZone client data is analyzed by an independent evaluator every three years.  Below are our most recent evaluations - please click on each link for an immediate download:


YouthZone: 2019 Evaluation Report

YouthZone: 2013-2016 Evaluation Highlights

YouthZone: 2016 Program Evaluation - Juvenile Diversion & YouthZone Services

YouthZone: 2016 Program Evaluation Report - Trauma

YouthZone: 2016 Program Evaluation Report - School Group Program

YouthZone: 2016 Program Evaluation Report - Marijuana & Substance Use

YouthZone: 2014 Program Evaluation Report - Pals Mentoring

YouthZone: 2013 Evaluation Report