What is Counseling?


Counseling is self discovery on your time and at your own pace; without judgement.  It's a tool that helps you uncover the root cause of whatever emotion you may, or may not be experiencing.  It's a place to safely explore trauma, harmful behaviors, and unhealthy thought patterns.

It's no secret our lives have become fast paced, but it's still important to make time for ourselves.

At YouthZone, our family believes that continued growth depends on positive self awareness.  That's why our team of counselors offer individualized talk therapy, as well as group and family counseling. 

We believe that feelings are the navigation systems that help guide us down the right path.  It's normal, for all of us at some point, to become so overwhelmed by our emotions we feel lost. At YouthZone, we believe that this is the natural way our body tells us when something isn't ok.

If you feel this way, or begin to, we encourage you to call us, because: IT'S STRONG TO ASK FOR HELP