Guiding Young Minds Towards Wellness

Our staff of specialists are committed to providing community youth with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges and come out stronger. Our counseling service is a refuge and resource to young people and their families, offering support for a range of mental health issues.


What is Counseling?

Counseling is more than mere conversations. They are lifelines, support systems, and growth platforms for the youth of our community. Counseling is self discovery on your time and at your own pace without judgment.  It's a tool that helps you uncover the root cause of whatever emotion you may or may not be experiencing.  It's a place to safely explore trauma, harmful behaviors, and unhealthy thought patterns.

At YouthZone, our family believes that continued growth depends on positive self awareness. That's why our team of counselors offer individualized talk therapy, as well as group and family counseling. We believe that feelings are the navigation systems that help guide us down the right path.  It's normal for all of us to become so overwhelmed by our emotions at some point that we feel lost. At YouthZone, we believe that this is the natural way our body tells us when things aren't okay.

If you feel this way or begin to feel this way, we encourage you to call us, because it's strong to ask for help!

Note: The video mentions a Pals Program that YouthZone no longer coordinates. There are other opportunities in the Roaring Fork Valley offering this opportunity including Aspen's Buddy Program and Stepping Stones out of Carbondale.