Teens talk about their YouthZone experience!


Being a young person in today’s world isn’t easy. We understand there are many challenges you’ll face as you navigate through school, your first job, relationships with your peers and family … it can be overwhelming at times!

Sometimes, a little help goes a long way! You’ve made the first step by coming to YouthZone – whether you are here looking for information for yourself, or for a friend, we’re here to help! We have a feeling you may be here for one of the following reasons:

"I am going to court."
If you have made a mistake and find yourself in the juvenile justice system, we can assist you in understanding the system and help you become a better person for having the experience. See how our Court Services can help you. The Restorative Justice program is another avenue for you to restore any harm you may have caused someone, a business or the community.

"I would like to get more involved."
YouthZone provides teen volunteer programs and teen groups that can have a big impact on your life, the life of another, and our community.

"I just need to talk to someone."
Sometimes just talking to someone you don’t know can help. Whatever you’re going through, we will listen and assist without judgment. Call us and ask about our Youth Advocacy or Youth Coaching services. We would enjoy chatting with you.