Back in My Day – YouthZone Art Mural 2017


YouthZone has had the privilege of receiving a generous grant from The Embrey Family Foundation two summers in a row to create incredible works of art in our community.  With the support of Bookcliffs Art Center, talented teens created two beautiful murals in Rifle, Colorado – the town from which YouthZone was born in 1976.

In the summer of 2017, our teen artists created a compelling mural at the Corner of 6 & 24 and Railroad – just in front of the Kum ‘n Go as you enter downtown Rifle.  The mural, titled “Back in My Day” explores the issue of the generation gap and the animosity that can exist between different generations. The art focuses on the five current living generations and the accomplishments and struggles that each has had to endure. When we recognize that each generation has worked hard to improve our world, and had to deal with their own set of struggles, we will see that our similarities far outweigh our differences. We should respect each other and work to bridge the gap of these differences. The sphere in each generation is meant to represent the very different world that each generation has had to grow up in. A piece of imagery that connects each world/generation, helps to show that we should come together and that each generation has had an effect on the next.

The first mural created during this incredible collaboration with the Embrey Family Foundation and Bookcliffs Art Center is located near the 16th street underpass in Rifle, near the skate park.  Titled “Beyond the Screen,” this piece addresses technology and how it affects our lives.