From Airen Goodman

CYDC/Senate Bill 94 Coordinator

March and April in-person Life Skills classes are postponed until further notice, but YouthZone clients can get credit hours with our on-line classes. You might as well participate, I’m sure you have plenty of spare time now that school is out.  Even if you completed your hours, it would be great if you would still participate.

Here is the second  assignment and a Life Skills workbook to work through, both created by Vallee Noone.  The more you do and the more effort you put into this the more credit you will receive.

1)  Click here to see NonVerbal Communication.  “When we think of communication, we most often think primarily about words and how we use them. What we often fail to consider is how much of our communication takes place silently or without actual language. In reality, verbal communication makes up only about a third of our communication. The more aware you can be of how you are communicating to the world, the better you will be able to communicate your needs and goals.”

2) The second of this assignment is a Life Skills workbook on Improving Your Well Being. “In this time of uncertainty, it is important to be mindful of how you are processing the changes in your life and to take steps to ensure and to improve your personal well being. In this packet, you will find tools to process your emotions as well as information on how stress affects you. Please fill out the checklists and charts.”

You can still access worksheets for our first online class here, Issues Facing Our Youth and Finding Resources.

Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation to get help finishing high school with a diploma or GED, paying for college or finding a career. If your interested and want more information let me know!

If anyone has any questions or needs help, feel free to email me or call/text anytime. If you can’t download the attachments in the links, I can send them to you by email.

My number is 970-618-7335.  I know this time is difficult for everyone, so if your struggling in any way, YouthZone is available to help.  Feel free to reach out anytime. Let me know if you need anything. Take care of yourself.