Claire Hemme

Communications Coordinator


Every organization needs a “glue” to hold the staff together to keep things running smoothly. For some, this can be programs or spreadsheets, but here at YouthZone it’s our administrative staff, Linda Green and Mary Bess Bolling.

Mary Bess Bolling | Administrative Manager

These women work tirelessly every day to keep our staff and clients working together as efficiently as possible. They are the first smile when you walk through the door, and the last “Have a good day!” as you leave.

Together, Mary Bess and Linda do all of the scheduling, processing, coordination, and operational management. They also protect, archive, and distribute important information and data. These tasks are only the tip of the iceberg of what they actually accomplish each day.

Mary Bess joined the YouthZone team a little over a year ago after asking around the valley for a job that would be conducive to family life. Her meticulous organizational skills, bubbly personality, and bilingual abilities made her a perfect candidate for the job.

“I just kept asking question after question to try to understand the broad scope of work and knowledge this position calls for. It’s been a journey and I love that I’m always learning in my position!” said Mary Bess.

Linda’s journey with YouthZone began back in 2000. She left for a few years for her husband’s job, but has been an asset to this organization for nearly 20 years. During this time, Linda has developed countless unique bonds with both staff and families.

Linda said, “I don’t think people realize the commitment and passion that each staff member has to help the youth and families of the community.  It takes real dedication to support families in crisis and youth who feel like they are alone or misunderstood.”

Linda Green | Administrative Assistant

Mary Bess and Linda both truly enjoy their positions, and it shows.

Mary Bess said, “I’ve never been a part of a staff that can be so open and vulnerable with each other, while staying on track to deliver and show up for our youth and families.”

Aside from their logistical talents, we recognize that these two women put their hearts into each interaction that occurs within these walls. Without their expert skills, YouthZone would be no stranger to disorder.

Executive Director, Lori Mueller said, “I sincerely don’t know what we would do without Mary Bess and Linda. They care about YouthZone so much, and are such a joy to work with. We’re really lucky.”

The YouthZone family is so grateful for Mary Bess and Linda. We can’t wait to see what wonderful work they’ll continue to do for our organization.