YouthZone recently welcomed Stefanie Maurice as the new Grants and Data Manager. Stefanie has a background in both health care administration and writing, and her attention to detail and her preexisting knowledge of privacy and accuracy have helped her settle into this position.  

Stefanie also has a good understanding of the nonprofit sector because many health care facilities function as a nonprofit. She is familiar with the values of service and is inspired by the work that YouthZone does for the youth in the community. 

Stefanie moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1999 and graduated from Glenwood Springs High School in 2004. After high school, she attended Colorado Mountain Colorado, studying English Literature. Stefanie kicked off her career in the healthcare field in 2008 and has worked as a pharmacy technician, a medical staff specialist, a business and finance writer, and a credentialing and provider enrollment manager. Stefanie said that as her MBA program was coming to an end, she was delighted to find that YouthZone was hiring. 

“I decided that this was my opportunity to take my love of writing and data and apply it to an organization that I’ve admired for more than 20 years,” she said.

On a typical day, Stefanie spends time with members of the YZ staff discussing methods of improvement, access to data, researching new funding opportunities, and writing proposals. This busy schedule involves tons of data analysis, trend watching, and observation. Lucky for YouthZone, Stefanie has what she calls an unnatural love of spreadsheets and research writing which makes this fast-paced position a perfect fit. The biggest challenge for her right now is absorbing all of the history and culture at YouthZone in order to get the highquality results she wants to provide to the organization.  

“I love knowing with absolute certainty how the work I do impacts the community.

Stefanie’s goal for her time at YouthZone is to use her arsenal of tools that she has acquired through her past jobs to help this community-oriented organization go the distance. She believes that access to business education and strong business candidates shouldn’t be limited to big cities. Stefanie wants to bring innovation and efficiency wherever she goes to help organizations grow and promote sustainability. 

As a self-described ideas person, Stefanie is inspired by collaboration. While she loves exploring new opportunities and ways of operating, she acknowledges the need for a realist to balance out her dreamy ideas.  

When Stefanie isn’t combing through spreadsheets and reading the latest data trends, she’s probably spending time spoiling her dogs. She loves art, music, cooking and baking, and getting involved in her community.