YouthZone Client 

Spring 2021 

My idea is to address the issues people struggle with. Adult and youth drug and nicotine users should really think about what they’re doing and how it could affect their future and healthincluding their mental health. For example, if you get caught doing drugs or any nicotine product outside, near, or inside the school campus, it can really affect your school record and can make it difficult to find a good job. 

Doing nicotinedrugs, and other substances can cause you anxiety, depression, weight lossweight gain and so much more. If you’re using drugs or any nicotine product to help your mental health, you’re doing it all wrong because all these actions make your mental health way worse. And of course, you don’t want that, right?  

If you really do want help with anything that’s going on, you always have people that love you and will help you, just like a therapist.  

This is what needs to happen. You really do need to spread the word, because there are some people out there doing drugs without having any idea what’s going into their body. They might want to be doing stuff that is healthy and not harmful. People might say, “This is going to be the first and last time I’m ever doing this,” without really knowing they can get addicted to nicotine or drugs.  

These are some steps to take to make a changeBefore you do anything, please do your research of what’s going into your body and what the effects will be. To inform people, make posters and put them around the school or a few other places that would allow people to understand more about drug use 

If you see anyone doing something they shouldn’t do, please report it to the school or through safe2tell. This is not snitching. This is just a report that someone made who cares about you and loves you, because they don’t want to see you have a drug addiction or a bad life.  

There are so many programs that you can go to for extra help with any drug and nicotine use. I know a program that is really good, and it’s called YouthZone.