By Syreena Hamby

I believe the biggest struggle for teens today is telephones. Although they are very helpful in many situations, cell phones are ultimately destroying the very foundation of humanity.


Everywhere I go, I see people just staring at the screen, not even slightly aware of what’s going on around them.


I will admit that I have gotten lost in my phone playing a game or using social media. But I don’t live on the internet. It’s so sad when I see so many people throw away opportunities and relationships with other people because they would rather scroll Instagram for four hours.

Don’t get me wrong. Phones are useful. You can contact family members who are far away, call your friends, check the weather, and find your way home when you get lost. You can call for help when you need it, and sometimes it’s just nice to relax and play a game or watch some videos.


Just because we have the privilege of having this technology, doesn’t mean we should abuse it. I’ve had friends over who just sat on their phone the whole time. Because of this teen addiction to the pretty glowing screen with plenty of fun stuff to waste your time, talent and potential are just being sucked away.


People can’t go five minutes without their phone without freaking out. That tells you something about teens and the future. People need to look into other articles and studies, because the way teens and adults are abusing technology, this is a huge problem. 

I can’t say you should stop using your phone completely. All I ask is that people realize the damage it is causing. There is a whole world in front of you to take on. You could see it so much better, if you just pulled the phone away from your face for a few hours and live.