Celebrating Growth and Local Potential: YouthZone Promotions Tania Beltran and Ali Naaseh-Shahry


Promoting and recruiting within YouthZone is more than just an organization strategy—it’s a deeply personal commitment to fostering a thriving and successful work environment. We understand the profound impact these practices have on our team’s growth and overall success. Today, we have the absolute pleasure of announcing the well-deserved promotions of two exceptional individuals who have grown and flourished within our close-knit community— Tania Beltran and Ali Naaseh-Shahry.

Tania Beltran, Business Manager

Tania Beltran, Business Manager – A Local Champion for Youth Empowerment

Tania Beltran not only exemplifies the spirit of YouthZone but is also a proud resident of the Roaring Fork Valley—an individual who understands the unique needs of our community intimately. As a graduate of Roaring Fork High School, Tania’s roots are firmly planted in the midst of the incredible landscapes we call home. Her role at YouthZone aligns harmoniously with her joy in raising her son, Santiago, which enhances her deep understanding and unwavering commitment to youth empowerment. With her promotion to Business Manager, Tania’s exceptional organizational skills and profound passion are set to propel YouthZone’s operations to new heights of success.

Ali Naaseh-Shahry, Deputy Development Director

Ali Naaseh-Shahry, Deputy Development Director – A Colorado Native’s Journey

Ali Naaseh-Shahry, born and bred in the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado, brings an unwavering commitment and a wealth of knowledge to his role as Deputy Development Director. With degrees in International Public Policy from the University of Colorado and University College London, Ali’s passion for community engagement and education led him to the Western Colorado slopes in 2015. His journey has taken him from teaching ski school at the Aspen Skiing Company to making a profound impact as a dedicated Special Education teacher with the Roaring Fork School District. Ali’s data-driven decision-making skills have significantly enhanced our mission, and his community-centric approach will undoubtedly enrich YouthZone’s initiatives further.

At YouthZone, promoting and recruiting within our organization is not just a matter of professional advancement—it’s a heartfelt commitment to nurturing talent, providing growth opportunities, and recognizing the unwavering dedication of our team members. Fostering a culture of internal growth and recruitment enables us to celebrate personal and professional achievements, share knowledge, and cultivate collective potential.

We firmly believe in encouraging our team members to actively invest in their professional development, fostering a continuous learning mindset. This commitment benefits not only the individual employees themselves, but the organization as a whole. By highlighting Tania and Ali’s remarkable growth and leveraging their unique perspectives and skills, we reinforce our dedication to fostering homegrown talent within our community.

Please join us in congratulating Tania and Ali on their well-deserved promotions. Their shared journey of personal and professional growth, reflective of YouthZone’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for development, stands as a beacon inspiring the entire team. Rooted in the heart of the Western Slope of Colorado, we remain steadfast in making a difference—one promotion, one recruitment, and one training program at a time, all driven by the unwavering passion and potential of our incredible team.